AoT Junior High Spinoff gets anime


    I gotta admit that this has my interest. Seems like it will be a comedy version. Haven't read the manga for it so I may be wrong.

  • Don't read this because I'm speculating

    ! I don't know anything about the series other than what I've watched in the anime, but it sure seemed like that PV casually spoiled a pretty important future twist in AoT's show proper

  • ^I didn't notice anything that stood out as spoiler-y in that PV alone, but I haven't read this spin-off so I don't know if there might be possible spoilers for the series proper.

    I'm on the fence with this one. From what I hear, Levi, Hange, and Mike are in a band, so that has my interest at least.

    Wonder if it'll be a short or an actual full-length TV show.

  • It is okay, I am going to be honest for once I can finally say it without getting slammed by AOT fan boys and FT haters, but Fairy Tail does something better than Attack On Titan,

    Fairy Tail OVA 2 is way better and way funnier than this series. I am hoping for a sequel to Fairy Tail Academy.

  • I could say the same about any anime similar to 'Attack on Titan', as well as several other anime series that are different to it. Also, I am guessing this series is the exception to the 12-16 month till dub rule as well? I guess the criteria for such decisions is based on how popular a series is. The more popular a series is, the faster it get dubbed?

  • it certainly helps that AoT is a massive hit, which is made broadcast dubbing Jr High an easy choice, but its unlikely that all the choices for broadcast dubs are based on popularity. after all, Sky Wizards got a broadcast dub

  • And many people are still asking why I don't like it. I actually have a large list of anime that I tried watching, but never finished because I Just got more confused after watching it. Attack on Titan is on the list, but I am reading the Manga to finish it (I get headaches when I get confused by all the discarded subplots and unexplained mysteries left alone because the main characters is the sole focus- Nothing personal). This is Why I stand behind GARO the Animation. It's based on a deep-seated lore of its own creation. It has plenty of character development (Another thing Attack on Titan is sorely lacking in), and the monsters never cease to amaze me. I am glad you picked it up in spite of the 'Monster of the week' context that most anime fans find boring and overplayed.

    Don't get me wrong. I happen to write Fanfictions for the Hey of it, so character development is a big piece of criteria.

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