Current thoughts on Windows 10, for anyone who decided to upgrade to it

  • Windows 10 became available yesterday, and I decided to wait until today before upgrading to the new OS on my laptop. I don't have any other Microsoft peripherals like Xbox or Windows Phone, so I cannot sync to anything. I have spent most of my computer time today using the new Edge web browser, and I like how it functions similar to Google Chrome. That being said, I'll probably still use Chrome for viewing streaming videos, but Edge will be my primary web browser from now on.

    My only downside for the new OS so far involves the fingerprint scanning feature. My laptop is equipped with a biometric sensor, but it does not support Windows Edge. I can still use a swipe to enter my startup password, but I can't use the same function to log in to websites on the new web browser (whenever I try to do so, it opens up Internet Explorer instead and logs in to the website that way). Of course, this problem is something the laptop manufacturers will have to address.

    So if you have upgraded to Windows 10, what are your opinions on the new OS and its features?

  • I have, but I don't take "advantage" of any of the fancy new stuff. I am happy I can use all the installed RAM now. (this Win7 PC originally had a 2G limit)

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