Soo…is there still a Samsung TV app on the books??

  • Just wondering because last I checked (from a thread dated back in 2013 & locked….just so you know I did search it that's why I'm starting a new one....) mentioned a re-release of a Samsung TV/Bluray player app being 'soon', but it would seem much has been ghost since then on the matter.

    Is it still in the works or is this on some 'vaporware' type jazz? I know Funi has penchant for getting users hype for a particular platform that they're creating yet taking faaar longer to release it (I know my peoples out there w/ PS4 and XB1s--even to a lesser extent PS3, too--can relate to that situation). Thought I'd ask (or at least ask in the sense of bringing to your attention that some people haven't forgot that you all mentioned it).

  • @Shiva:

    Is it still in the works or is this on some 'vaporware' type jazz?

    Given that CR recently shelved their already developed smart TV apps (including the Samsung one) for "low usage", I wouldn't be surprised if Funimation shelved their plans for developing a Samsung app (or at least pushed it to a hard to reach back burner).

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