Monster musume/everyday life with monster girls

  • is there any news if monster musume will be dubbed?

  • Too soon to tell, but Sentai will possibly dub it when they release it.

  • Seeing as FUNimation has nothing to do with Monster Musume, this doesn't really belong in the subscriber forum.

    So I'll be moving it to the Anime section instead.

  • i hope sentai dubs it

  • Here you go. Some questions that Sentai Filmworks was asked about this subject.

    Will you have a super premium edition for monster Musume when it comes out on home video?

    Whoa there buddy, we are barely on the second episode of the series! It's still way WAY too early to tell or even talk about release plans for this show. We are aware that the IP it has a sizable following, however, and that certainly helps.

    Do show rankings determine what shows you dub or sub?

    How fans react to certain shows is one of the things we look at, among a number of different factors when making those kinds of decisions. But on their own rankings are more of a vague indicator of what we should look at/research a little more.

  • To be honest, I'm kinda surprised FUNi didn't manage to snag this one. They have been fan service central for the last few years. If it gets dubbed we'll still hear a few familiar voices. I can almost guarantee that Monica Rial or Brittany Karbowski will have one of the main roles.

  • frankly, it could of have gone either way. Sentai picks up just as many fanservice shows as funi does, so really, this probably went to who ever wanted it the most.

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