Please Add English Subtitle with English Language on DVD and Blu-Ray!! :(

  • I am deaf, (hard of hearing with hearing aids) I can hear barely, but with the English Language I can follow the words as English Subtitles appeared on there. I know its very fast, I've been watching Closed Capturing Movies since I was kid.

    I just got 009 Re:Cyborg this morning and was crossing my finger that Blu-Ray disc have English subtitles with English Language, but Unfortunatly it doesn't.. What surpised me is that DVD doesn't even have it! So I'm stuck at watching English Subtitles with Japanese Language and I don't know Japanese Language! :(

    I know there lot of hard of hearing people out there like me who love watch Anime on Television.. Please Add English Subtitles with English Language Not just DVD but Blu-Ray as well…

    I noticed as time move on, the English Subtitles from Funimation are fading away.. Its just English Language with no English Subtitles! -sighs- This make me very unhappy. :(

    Please in the future Add English Subtitles with English Language on DVD & Blu-Ray.

    Thank you

  • @Bloodknight1:

    Please in the future Add English Subtitles with English Language on DVD & Blu-Ray.

    Keep in mind that the subtitles are intended for use with the use with the Japanese audio, and thus will often not match the English dialog exactly. Often the meaning will be the same, but the phrasing will be different. Sometimes the subtitle will be completely different if the Japanese language was a obscure cultural reference.

  • BloodKnight really needs closed captioning for the English dialogue. I was able to (accidentally) use that feature on a Funimation title that I watched on Netflix last night, but I don't often watch DVDs, and I watch BluRay even less frequently, so I don't know if it's available on the hard copies.

  • One of the reasons we moved away from "dubtitles" was that people would enable them for the Japanese language track or their player's presets would choose the wrong English subtitled track, and they would accuse us of not having an accurate translation even though the English subtitled track was also on the disc.

    I can see if we have plans on adding them back for physical releases. We do at least have closed captions on a lot of our streaming shows and they should be on all of our videos…

    available on iTunes.

  • Thanks <3, I'm more of discs guys :p. Was looking at GANGSTA, am hoping there a plan for it to come out on the Disc in English Language with English Subtitles! :D I rather wait till all Episode out on them, instead of weekly heh.

  • I understand that English Subtitles that was left on from Japanese version isn't exact with English Language.. I understand on that one.. I do still listen and read them (got hearing aids).

    The problem is without English Subtitles.. even though I can hear them but I won't be able understand what they're saying.. Only one part I get is when they say "Hi" That was it. It wouldn't matter if I turned it up to max sound, because I still wouldn't understand what they're saying! XD

  • So, just bought another Funimation bluray and I think it's going to be my last again for a while as there are STILL no subtitles on the dub audio track.

    I'd like for there to be actual subtitles on the bluray like the DVDs for hard of hearing family members.
    However, I also like seeing the 'dub-titles' as you call them to see the cultural references that are left out of the dub. Sometimes, the 'obscure' reference is a better joke and fits the situation better than the replacement US-ified joke.

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