Why do people like overpowered characters so much?

  • Every, and I mean literally every time I go to the Anime and Manga Recommendations section I always see people asking for anime where the MC is OP from the start, etc.
    The only reason I could think of is that they want to see badassery early in the anime which I think is very boring because it kills suspense. Besides, being badass is not about having the best power in the world but is determined by your attitude.

    So share us your opinions on OP characters. Do you think they're less entertaining to watch because you would already know the outcome of the battle?

    Personally, I think it would take a Deus ex Machina to beat these type of characters.

  • Apparently, one of the main reasons Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero wasn't as popular was because the main character, Akatsuki, was extremely powerful and confident in himself so I'm not too sure why you think people seem to want OP characters. Look at Naruto. He was weak as hell and yet people loved him. He gained power and that may have become a reason his popularity grew since it wasn't literally overnight. Plus, an OP character is guaranteed to win, just more likely.

  • Its not always because the MC is OP that people like a certain show sometimes it is the underlying theme that the show is about. I've found its usually about discrimination and the whole "practice to become better" thing that is common in Naruto. Action just so happens to be more entertaining than something like a slice-of-life anime sometimes…. usually... almost always.

  • It depends on the execution. There are OP characters I don't like (Tatsuya from Mahouka), and OP characters that I do like (Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life). If OP characters still have real flaws, have a personality, and aren't universally loved/always right/etc then they can be good and/or interesting characters. It's also not necessarily boring because those characters will always win, it's plenty entertaining to see how they'll accomplish things. Simply knowing they'll win doesn't detract from entertainment value because there's a lot more to resolving conflicts than just win/lose and being OP doesn't mean they can't be an interesting character at the same time.

  • And sometimes its about how they become overpowered and how they overcome an even stronger obstacle like Issei Hyodo (DxD) Goku (DBZ) or Naruto. And like Firefly said, sometimes its about how they win and I like that, I would've watched No Game No Life if it didn't burn my eyes to watch.

  • @ForlornBeliever:

    Apparently, one of the main reasons Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero wasn't as popular was because the main character, Akatsuki, was extremely powerful and confident in himself

    personally I liked him cause of those reasons and the fact he didn't necessarily brag it with his mouth but his actions when someone thought they were king crap. He's one of th emore enjoyable op mc's out there.

    OP MC's can be a bore to watch but like others have said if they are done in a good way, they can be enjoyable to watch. OP MC's that consistently brag about how good they are, are just a bore.

  • While I usually despise overpowered characters like Kirito or Onii-sama, Overlord's Momonga is a pretty good character in that category; dude's a spoopy skeleton, made his build for fun and roleplaying and not to min-max, he was the last one standing in his guild when the others left, and cares for the NPC's in Nazarick like a father. Good old Papa Bones.

  • I think there is a balance there. Like with Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero and Chaos;Head, the former you have a guy who always wins so it was somewhat boring at times, (but also just like Dragon0 said, at least he acted instead of always talking) and with the latter, it took basically until the end of the show for him to stop whining and actually do something. I really liked Issei Hyodo from DxD, he is a wimp at first but he quickly learns because he's willing to fight for what he wants.

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