Fairy tail x rave master

  • hi people i was wondering if funimation will dub fairytail and rave master crossover ova episode if so when will they do it and will it be orginal rave master cast?

  • They'd have to license it first before they can dub it. And while I'm sure they'd love to, the Fairy Tail OVAs have been known to be notoriously difficult to get licensing rights for due to the fact that the Japanese rights are owned by the manga distributor instead of the anime production companies. Not to mention that crossover episodes are even MORE difficult due to the large amount of legal restrictions and red tape they have to go through for both series.

    So I wouldn't expect it anytime soon, if ever, unfortunately.

    And if by some miracle it ever does happen, you can probably forget about getting the original English cast back, as many of them are union actors and can't by contract appear in non-union works.

    Sorry. :hmm:

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