Semi-romantic anime about girls

  • I've seen and heard of every yuri out there… so there's no point in me asking for you to recommend me one.
    However, that's only real yuri... there's tons of anime like Canaan, Ga-Rei Zero, Madlax, Kancolle, Noir and such...
    Some of these anime feature real yuri (Cross Ange), but it's not the focus.
    Personally I'm looking for something that, while not being yuri, still feels very romantic. Madlax, Canaan, and Kiniro Mosaic are good examples.
    Even though they're not officially yuri, they still focus on the relationship, and the "yuri" isn't an after thought nor is it just fanservice.
    (I don't mind fanservice though)

  • If you're looking for romance, then this may not be for you but Say I Love You's whole focus is on the growing relationship of Mei and Yamato. And Madoka Magica might be something you'd like as well.

  • Those were both decent ones..

  • I don't think this is what your looking for but it fits the relation ship building between female characters, just not really in a romantic way. Bodacious Space Pirates.
    Koihime Muso is one that has some yuri in it but not necessarily focusing on it.

  • This is about the list I've come up with. Maybe you haven't seen a few, and maybe you'll like the ones you haven't seen!

    Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Riddle Story of Devil
    Soul Eater Not!
    Queen's Blade: Rebellion
    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya
    Maria Holic

  • @Riles:


    I forgot about this one. Definitely a fun show.

  • here's some others for you

    Strike Witches
    My Hime / My Otome
    El Cazador De La Bruja
    Yuki Yuna is a Hero
    Certain Scientific Railgun
    Venus versus Virus

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