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  • Welcome to a world of absolutely no dirty Joke. Except for here. Unleash your dirtiest jokes while talking about and discussing "Shimoneta- A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn"t Exist"

    So if you haven't been watching you need to, if you have to know the hilarity of what is contained in the show.

    We've seen Flies going at with cleaver monologue, a unique eye test, brought in a talented artist who now has a healthy ? obsession with SX. A painful hot yet lucky, kiss with the student president. And now the student President just about put Tanukichi's "cucumber into her V******valley. An learn she is slightly ? .. confused about what happens when someone loves another….............. ok very confused. Nothing like a little "physical education" to "ripen" her knowledge.

  • well anna is definitely thinking more lust than love. who knew a body could release so much "nectar" to make a rainbow. And she's gotten one step closer to figuring out where male "nectar" comes form as well. She is giving Tanukichi a good run for his money in this ep. Too bad for him nothing of whats happened is a dream. Just soft cold wet reality. lol

  • New ep. Who'd a thought they'd actualy teach you how to make your own "personal aid" for "health and beauty". And That "power stone" definitely had some power. not just enough to destroy a radish but nearly take Tanukichi and Anna to their "limits". I'm wondering how that random "innocent" girl that pops up every ep is going to factor in at some point, if all. Seems like she'd be an interesting character to have in SOX.

  • im really interested to see how they could possibly dub this, if theyd do uncensored dubbing, or the sound effect coverup

  • well SOX gets a new member and many new supporting organizations of dirty terrorism. However one may not be as much of an ally as they seem. Only 1 anna attack this week. But boy, it was a douse, enough "nectar" to create a water fall, though we don't see that fall, to soak Tanukichi. You'd think her body would be tired from all that "nectar" being released. lol

  • Binkan-chan speaks!

  • looks like our new member to SOXs could be spelling trouble for Tanukichi. After playing along with the sister act to fool Anna right off the bat, she shows some disturbing skill at mapping out another school for SOX to give more erotic teachings too. And then showing her true motives in trying to push out tanukichi as well as show his hidden feeling for Kajou. Along with Anna's new force in removing what lewd, SOX has a few problems to nip in the butt it seems now as well as how to deal with gathered fabrics.

  • SO our new member of SOX, Kosuri, doesn't see to understand how SOX operates. And is clearly feeling like its a waste of effort it would seem since their methods to peaceful protect don't go with her style. Anna on the other hand seems to be feeling a little left out and very attached to Okuma's boxers. WE learned a couple secrets about the Prefects and Satome. The Leader is actually a boy, or more rather a puppet, and Satome wears kuma pantsu.

  • SO looks like Kosuri has betrayed SOX, can't say after her actions this wasn't expected. Less its some grand plan made out to capture Gathered Fabrics, but I'm doubting that atm. Might have nightmares with what Gorueki was wearing. I don't blame those folk for losing their breakfast. And Anna is starting to go through Okuma pantsu withdraw. lol

  • Well Kosuri is certainly having a rough time. Betrays SOX, since Gathered Fabrics ways are more her style. Then after all they get going on, she learns that the end game with Gathered Fabrics is nothing like what she had planned. And find herself in a sticky situation herself. Okuma fins only 1 way out of the situation they are in. To get help from his lustfull stalker, Anna. And now that everything has settle with Gathered Fabrics out of the way, and SOX's message given to the public, a new and bigger ? event is underway.

  • last shimoneta. A trap laid out isn't as dangerous to SOX as Anna is to Okuma's virtue. lol Every member of SOX comes together to reveal a hidden treasure of dirty items but leaves it behind as the world isn't ready for them to be returned yet. But the battle rages on for SOX to liberate Dirty Joke to the world.

  • i am wondering if they will dub this if not please sell the rights to this anime to someone who will


    i am wondering if they will dub this if not please sell the rights to this anime to someone who will

    we wont know for at least a year.

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