Can you guys please continue the anime series known as no game no life season 2

  • I'm feeling if you continue this series you'll get more popular reviews if you actually continue it though if you don't well I'm pretty sure a lot of people are already upset because the last company that was making this had actually done tracing and got shut down on the series got discontinued if you can do this please can you do this without tracing cuz well we want this to continue to the end all of us we have I already have a petition posted as over 17 million views 17 well actually no 16 million 899 likes and comments that approve that is that the series should continue if you do this I bet you you'll have more use people and if you posted to TV wise you will get more people to come now I'm not going to make or force you but this is something you should consider seeing as how more people like this series and most people like highschool DxD but hey its all up to you from here on now! well thats all I have to say just get back to me on that well yeah if you do this I watch the series and it was a really funny really hilarious let's see you got more you have more human relac actions and well hahayou also have more views up on your funimation Channel well now its all in your hands my name is Miku Hackidate and aisimulate youand what you have done for all of us geeks in the world and I don't mean that to be offensive to you get X geeks well if you think I'm also a geek I'm a gamer geek anime geek and a Comicon geek , and I am a colleague that should be well accepted

  • This is a 0 paper. Its two separate run-on sentences, only three uses of punctuation, one of which is spliced. Spelling is terrible. Improper capitalization. What is the paper about? You seem to have one idea but derail to go onto something separate and then come back with no smooth transition. This thread itself is on the wrong website. At the very least put it on something where the subject is actually licensed.

    I smell a troll!

    P.S. Sorry if i'm not supposed to post on threads you (Spacemanhardy) are going to shut down but I just like making replies like this one.

  • If this is a troll post, it ain't funny. -_-

    If this post is genuine, then let me explain a few things to you:

    1. FUNimation does not make anime. They only license it from Japan. Read this FAQ on the subject for more information:

    2. FUNimation does not have the license to the first season of No Game No Life. Sentai Filmworks does.

    3. Please do not post personal info such as email addresses on the forums. It makes you a target for phishers, hackers, and bots.

    This topic will now be closed.

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