Late Introduction

  • Hello Everyone,

    It's great to be part of Funimation All Access member it's awesome to talk with people that like the same thing as you do. You could meet a lot of new friends along the way with this website. Along with the live stream of DubbleTalk on Wednesday night it's even more fun and to know what new shows to watch and talk with some of the staff. It'll be cool to see some voice actors on the show to and came wait to see them on DubbleTalk Block.

  • Welcome to the forums, Pliskin. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

  • Welcome to the forums :D All access huuh? Sounds like fun :D Hope to see you around (:

  • welcome to the forums. Enjoy posting.

  • Welcome to the forums; hope that you post a lot around here.

    If you are interested, don't forget to check out the link in my sig about requesting the FUNimation Channel.

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