Prison School Broadcast Dub Cast

  • FUNimation has announced that Prison School is going to have a broadcast dub and I want to know what you think a good cast might be. Here is my example of a possible dub cast.

    My ideal cast.
    Clifford Chapin - Kiyoshi Fujino
    J. Michael Tatum - Takehito "Gakuto" Morokuzu
    Newton Pittman - Shingo Wakamoto
    Tyson Rinehart - Reiji "Andre" Ando
    Jarrod Greene - Joji "Joe" Nezu
    Jamie Marchi - Mari Kurihara
    Colleen Clinkenbeard - Meiko Shiraki
    Cherami Leigh - Hana Midorikawa
    Brina Palencia - Chiyo Kurihara
    John Swasey - Chairman Kurihara

    I wonder what your ideal casts will be.

  • I'm surprised that nobody commented yet. Why isn't anybody commenting on my thread? I thought you guys would love to share your ideal dub casts? Please comment next time you view this thread. I'm curious to know what your ideal casts are. Please comment next time.

  • Dude… It's been literally less than one day. Give it some time.

    The very last thing you want to do is try to pity people into posting in your threads. That usually just annoys people and ends up giving you the exact opposite effect.

  • @SpacemanHardy I'm sorry, I didn't meant to rush anybody, I guess I'm just too impatient. I'm curious to know what you think a good cast might be?

  • a good cast will be one that is directed well, full of people who can act and make it funny

  • Prison School is announced to premiere on DubbleTalk along with Sky Wizard Acadamy and Gangsta. I'm pretty sure that they'll announce the cast soon, but before that I want to know what you guys think a good cast would be. As soon as the official cast is announced, I'll put down on this thread. I hope they pick a good cast.

  • The dub cast has finally been announced, This is it.

    Austin Tindle - Kiyoshi
    Eric Vale - Gakuto
    Sonny Strait - Andre
    Chris Bevins - Joe
    Clifford Chapin - Shingo
    Tia Ballard - Mari
    Whitney Rodgers - Meiko
    Alexis Tipton - Hana
    Kristen McGuire - Chiyo
    Smokey DeLange (Charlie Campbell) - Chairman

    What do you guys think about the official cast?

  • From the clip we've seen so far, it sounds decent….. EXCEPT for Andre.

    I'm cool with Sonny Strait. He's an awesome actor. I'm also cool with him playing Andre.

    But the silly voice he gives him? He sounds like a cross between Stitch and Meatwad.

    It's just completely unnecessary. To be honest, Sonny would've sounded fine just using his normal voice. Why he felt he had to give Andre a goofy accent is completely beyond me.

  • Yeah, Andre is pretty meh, but I like the other guys. I just hope Sonny has improved enough as a director to have everyone pull off the comedic timing of everything decently

    Also, Smokey is an Alias. It's Charles Campbell

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