Hello new friends! :D

  • Hello! My name is OrangeBagels! I'm new here. I just recently Became an All Access Pass Member! And I thought I should try and make the best of it, by posting on here, and try talking to you guys! So about me, I'm kinda new to anime, (kinda) like I'm 20 years old, and I dabbled in anime when I was younger. Like Naruto, One Piece, Digimon, and Pokemon obviously. But I would just watch them when they were on. I wouldn't actively seek them out or anything. But now I'm diving head first into this wonderful world. So I wanna ask, any hidden gems or just generally good shows I should watch on here? :D I've already started watching a few, like One Piece, Attack On Titan, FairyTail, and FMA. Any recommendations? :D I really prefer DUBS by the way, that's kinda the main reason why I chose FUNimation over CR. But yeah, I'd appreciate if anyone could recommend anything to me!

    Oh and here's a side note! I love to play Smash Brothers for Wii U! So if anyone would like to play, feel free to contact me so we could do so!^_^

  • Welcome to the forums, OrangeBagels. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

    As far as recommendations go, well, obviously Cowboy Bebop is a requirement for any new, budding anime fan. Also try out Baccano and Space Dandy, and when you're done with those two, watch Blood Blockade Battlefront, because it's kinda like a combination of the two.

  • Welcome to the forums; hope that you post a lot around here.

    Here are some of my recommendations: Shingu: Secret of the Stellar War, Heroic Age, Bamboo Blade, Samurai 7, School Rumble and Summer Wars.

    If you are interested, don't forget to check out the link in my sig about requesting the FUNimation Channel.

  • Welcome to the forums. Enjoy posting with us. A couple recommendations for ya, Black Cat, Yu Yu Hakuso, Shakugan no Shana, Hagani and Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero.

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