Liklihood for a One Piece Broadcast Dub?

  • Very avid one piece dub fan and just wondering the chances that it will be with the other broadcast dubs in the future. Also wondering how this will affect the rate at which the older epsiodes will be dubbed in hopes that it will catch up to the most recent episodes airing in japan.

  • The brand manager for One Piece has considered the idea of doing a broadcast dub. His current goal is to close the gap between their releases and the current airing episodes as much as possible. Head ADR directors Mike McFarland and Joel McDonald do not believe a broadcast dub would be a wise decision. They would not be able to work on anything else and they feel quality would suffer if they had to work at broadcast dub speed

  • You also have to consider that some of the voice actors for some pretty major characters don't live in Dallas. For instance, Luci Christian (who plays Nami) lives closer to Houston than she does Dallas, and Patrick Seitz (who plays Franky) lives in L.A., as does Matt Mercer who recently got cast as Trafalgar Law. So a broadcast dub would make things much harder for them to get their lines recorded in time.

  • I strongly believe that a broadcast dub will result in a dramatic drop in quality for too many reasons to explain. Also, Ace will start making regular appearances for the next couple of seasons, and his voice actor Travis Willingham lives in LA is probably one of the most busiest voice actors in the anime dubbing industry.

    I'm sorry to say that a broadcast dub is almost impossible for a show like One Piece, and if it were possible it would be very bad. I want the dub to be further ahead then where it is now too, but not to the detriment of the quality of the show.

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