Suggestions for Xbox One App to be added or removed

  • First off thank you Funimation for bring out the xbox one app LOVE IT!!
    I just would like to added a few suggestions I think that would improve the app in my opinion that could be added in the next couple updates you guys may come out with.
    First I love the way you guys made the display for browse shows, but I miss the description it gave for the show, I would like if you could add something that would allow to switch the display into the one like the ps3 has, I like that one or make it a default under like a setting menu.

    Another is can you change or fix the change filter, change sort, change genre in the browse show, it because like when I set the filter to dubbed only and then A-Z and I go to a show then I back out, it sets it back to regular default, I would like it would set it permanently, until I go change it again.

    Besides those thing I Love the app, but would like those few change to be added in some new up coming updates to the app.

  • Also, I would like to see a feature to stop autoplay, or at least know, when the latest episode is finished. It won't try to replay the first episode again.

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