So far so good

  • I am liking the way this is shaping up. I hope it lives up to my hype for it.

  • Starting off a bit boring if you ask me. Still waiting for a hook of some sort. Or maybe I feel asleep for the hook. If it picks up in the next two episodes i'm staying.

  • I agree with you, Kahaal. I read the few manga to get a feel and this show is topping that by far. I was thinking about reading the light novel as well, but I think this show with cover what details it goes into.


    Starting off a bit boring if you ask me.

    I can see where you're coming from. It has a bit of back ground information to cover, but it looks like it will pick up once that's over.

  • The episode that came out today was great.

  • I don't know why, but I really enjoyed how defeated Ainz was at the end of Ep7.

    Also seeing that it's pasted the half way point for what looks to be a 13Ep. season. I think the show is moving well and still looking to end strong. What do you people think?

  • I've read through the light novel translations for overlord which are easy to find by the way and the show is following the plot almost exactly. Don't worry though I haven't come here to spoil everything, just really love when the source material is respected. I love how he's not super cruel yet his undead nature presents him from being over emotional. Plus he's an older salary guy not some 18 year old fresh out of high school anime character type.

    My favorite aspect is how he will manage/wrangle all the guardians from being to over zealous in accomplishing Ainz/Momon's goals. Plus what future consequences his fudging with Albedo's settings will have in the future. Not to mention how he will overcome his lack of a dong situation with being undead and all. It's gotta be torture having all those hot inhuman types willing to fulfill your every desire and just lacking the proper equipment to enjoy it all. Maybe some transformation magic can help later on.

    I love the world conquering with altruistic intent and how OP he is compared to the rest of the world. I know that might bother some but I'm cool with it (actually when I roleplay in gaming I typically build characters of this type as a preference). The CGI undead look awesome to me but I know some purists get all butt-hurt about this topic but for me its all good as long as it isn't over done. Knights of Sidonia is a good example of this where I felt it was a bit overdone although I still like that show despite this.

    This show is done by Madhouse who also did Parasyte Maxim which just became one of my favorite animes not to long ago. There is just enough story that it wouldn't be to hard to cover most of it with maybe 2 - 24 episode arcs or maybe 3 - 12 episode seasons. I don't know but the story is great and as of episode 8 the adaptation is spot on although one character who died was hoping Momon would've resurrected which would've differed from the novels but its cool I guess pulling on that thread would have meant changing the story more dramatically later on.

    Anyways sorry for the wall of text just had to voice how amazing I've found this anime to be and how it helped remind me what got me into being an otaku in the first place. I'm 41 and been into all things anime since early 80s both good and bad (sadly more bad than good). Congrats to you fellow fans on finding something so grand. Long live Ainz Ooal Gown and Nazarick!!

  • @noneed4me2:

    I've read through the light novel translations for overlord which are easy to find by the way and the show is following the plot almost exactly.

    Glad to read that from someone. I didn't touch the novels to make sure everything was new watching this. I might go read them, if the show doesn't finish the story.


    Anyways sorry for the wall of text just had to voice how amazing I've found this anime to be…

    All good with me. After all the whole point of threads and forums is to talk about the things you enjoy with others.

    One thing I want to say is I'm glad to see anime still has great shows waiting to pop up. I just hope they keep coming and I can keep watching.

  • Just watched 3 episodes on youtube of some Overlord shorts called pure pure Pleiades. Ainz accidentally zaps himself with a magic item that removes his undead lack of extreme emotions. Comedy insues as he tries to hide his anxieties from the guardians and other denizens of Nazarick. Also found translations of the second drama CD which takes place right after the lizard man arc. Again only check this out if you don't mind spoilers as this is basically its just dialog taken straight from the light novel performed by the anime's voice actors. The shorts are fine to watch as they take place outside the main story arcs.

    Loved the latest episode #8 and can't wait for the major showdown between Ainz and Clementine, Nabe and Khajiit. Episode 9 should be a solid action packed episode as 8 was almost all build up. Was bummed that Ninya wasn't spared/resurrected as her storyline is so trajic. I know Ainz isn't evil (I would almost put him in the true neutral category) but he still shows kindness and compassion even when it's not purely in his best interests. It seemed odd that he wouldn't revive her just to find out what happened as their was no one around to see him bring her back. He could have just told her she wasn't completely dead when he found her. Anyways can't wait for the finally.

  • Double post sorry.

  • Momunga not reviving Ninya reminds me of the episode of TNG where they bring back the Mintakan and get into a lot of prime directive trouble. Maybe it was for the best.

    It does make me wonder if his compassion will slowly disappear bringing him closer to true neutral, like his other human traits have.

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