Fairy Tail Dubbed Release Date Pushed Back Again?

  • Any news on why the Fairy Tail release date was pushed back from June 30th to August 11th then again to August 25th?

    I'm excited, then disappointed, then excited, then disappointed.

  • The original push-back was done so that it would better coincide with the DVD release.

    I didn't realize it was pushed back a second time, however. It might be due to licensing stipulations.

  • The physical release was always August 25th. The dub will still be released on August 11th on this site, at least according to the schedule. Maybe you got the physical and digital release dates mixed up?

  • You know, I didn't even realize there are two separate schedules for them or that they came out at different times. I'm pretty new to sub-ing with foundation. That clarified it perfectly Riles. I appreciate you correcting my panic, I can resume my normally scheduled day happily now.

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