If episode one is indication of how the series will be…

  • I may have finally found the first anime I have ever absolutely hated. I always try to watch two or three episodes of the new titles each season, since some anime needs time for character and story development. However, I just can't find any entertainment value in this at all. I feel like I'm the one whose crotch is being kicked by these sadists when watching it, and I'm not one of the perverted protagonists who gets off on that.

    Thankfully, FUNimation has an otherwise awesome lineup for Summer 2015. 😅

  • I completely disagree with you, I didn't think this show was bad at all. I really liked it and I can't wait until the broadcast dub comes out. I'm sure FUNimation will pick an amazing cast for the show.

  • Man this series is Toilet. Most series, like 'Attack on Titan', I can stomach making it at least to episode 5 before I stop watching. 'Prison School', unusually, hold the personal record on that, with me stopping after just the first episode. What is it that makes this series appealing to you, honestly? Is it the plot? Too many holes. Is it the characters? I make better Fanfiction characters with lots more development (And that's saying something). The Girls? If that's the case, I will give you that one free of charge.

  • I liked it. It makes me laugh constantly.

    Can't wait for it to get to Blu-ray. Will Buy it day one.

  • I should also mention that I was just giving my thoughts on the series. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • I thought it was pretty ridiculous the guys got the crap beat out of them and thrown into a prison for thinking about peeking at girls (not ever actually seeing anything) .

    That's like you or I getting tossed in jail for debating robbing a bank.

    I could see if they got caught with a camera in the bath or got caught looking through a hole.. but yea they got nothing.

    and the other dude escaped without getting completely caught at all also.

    I know its a show but the lawsuits would be endless with the kind of things those guys endued lol they would all be pretty rich after it was said and done.

  • The show is actually really good. Animation quality? TOPNOTCH. Story? Okay. But honestly you don't need to take the anime seriously because its meant to be funny and it IS entertaining (im speaking without the fan service). Also the Live action is really FANTASTIC. Actors were on point and if you want something more serious stick to the drama. Its really awesome XD (Midorikawa Hana actress is on Point. Loving her so far)

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