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  • This thread is for discussion of the Yen Press release of Pandora Hearts. New fans and old fans are welcome!

    EDIT: With the spoiler tags now working, they will be used when talking about the most recent events/volumes. If what is being discussed is more general in nature or older content, then it is up to you to decide if it warrants a spoiler tag or not. Also, with the spoiler tags now being functional if you would like to discuss beyond the official English releases, feel free. Be sure to mark what the spoiler tag is hiding (ex: volume ** or chapter **).

    Volume 20 has been released in English and 21 is scheduled for July. Now that Yen Press has caught up to the Japanese releases the wait between volumes will be longer, but I think the series is nearing its end.

    Plot Summary: Oz Vessalius, heir to a powerful and wealthy dukedom, is about to make his high society debut with his coming of age ceremony, which celebrates his 15th birthday. But the ceremony is interrupted and Oz is dropped into an eternal prison known as the Abyss for a sin he knows nothing about. There he meets and is rescued by Alice, a Chain known as the Bloody Black Rabbit, or B-Rabbit for short. Who is Alice? What is Oz’s sin? And what does the organization known as Pandora want with them?

    Yen Press series page:

    Spoilers for volume 18.

    ! After learning the truth about what happened 100 years ago, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Jack anymore. It's not like I was ever all that fond of him because I honestly didn't think he was all that interesting. Now that everything is coming to light, he's much more interesting. I'm angry about everything that he's done, how easy it seemed for him to sacrifice everything to try and see Lacie again, but I can't say that I hate him. I just find it sad that he can't accept that Lacie's gone for good.

    So, is anybody else reading this series?

  • I read he first 3-4 volumes but then kind of dropped the book ( mostly because I just read so many comics & manga I have to stop a few for awhile). But I'll probably get back to it some day. It is an interesting series, and I like the sort of Victorian setting meets Alice in Wonderland meets kingdom hearts feel it has to it, if that makes any sense.

  • I got the French version of the second guide book (volume 18.5) in the mail today, and it looks great (have only flipped through at this point, haven't had time to sit and read it yet). Plenty of nice color pages and more great info like volume 8.5 had, except this volume is much longer. And at the end there's a bonus story and the melody for Lacie (called "Melody" on the OST, I think) from the anime. It'd be nice if Yen Press would release these guide books in English because they are so text-heavy and contain a LOT of very useful information and fun extras. I'd also like to see them bring over the light novels at some point as well.


    I really recommend this series, if you ever decide to return to it I don't think you'll be disappointed if you've liked what you've read so far, but it's not for everyone. The first 4ish volumes are a little slow, but things really started picking up, for me anyway, after they entered the Cheshire Cat's dimension. Answers are also rather slow to be revealed and there are a ton of plot twists, but after 18 volumes I'm very satisfied with the way Mochizuki's providing answers and guiding the story forward. And there's tons of foreshadowing so it's possible you'll figure some things out early.

  • Spoilers for volume 19.

    ! After volume 19 there are a couple of things that I can say with certainty: Jack Vessalius is really getting on my nerves (though he's far more interesting now than he was before) and I want more scenes with the Alice sisters together.
    ! Oz denying Alice's existence was a little painful to see. She cared about him so much to do what she did, to sacrifice so much. Since Alice was so precious to him, Oz just wanted to protect her in return even if it's not what she wanted. But to see her vanish in a cloud of light right in front of him must've still hurt.
    ! That whole sequence where Alyss is explaining things to Alice was very nice, though I had to reread the bit where Alice takes on B-Rabbit's powers to figure out which of them was doing what (that one panel with both sisters' "spirits" (I guess? not sure how else to put it) and their shared body had triple Alice). Seeing Alyss so distraught over her sister's actions before deciding to destroy her memories in order to protect her sister and Oz from further suffering paints her in a different light than how she was before. But given the situation with the Core and Alice/B-Rabbit that resulted in Alyss's memories being scattered and Alice's memories being wiped blank, it makes sense that she was acting a little odd before since she only had fragments of memories herself. But Jack had better watch out now that both of them fully remember.
    ! And Echo is such a sweetie. Bribing Lottie with that bear plushie was adorable, and Lottie was kind enough to accept and leave Echo alone with Oz for a while. Echo's attempts to cheer Oz up had me struggling not to smile. And Lottie listening to Oz talk about the only time Oscar ever struck him, she seemed to feel bad for Oz. Oscar's reaction is kind of understandable though. He was scared Oz would've gotten hurt from falling out that window and that camera was extremely precious to him.
    ! But the main thing that has me scratching my head a little is the deal with Jack's body and soul. So when the Core intercepted Alice/B-Rabbit's attempt to destroy Alyss's memories Jack's soul was caught in the fallout as well and was shattered so he was rejected by the Abyss? Thus he's going through his own version of the Hundred Cycles until his soul completely burns out? Weird. Might need to chew on that one for a while longer.
    ! And Gil! Sacrificing his arm like that to go against Glen and protect Oz. Geez, I want to see what Vincent's face looked like at that moment.
    ! And now it seems like Oswald!Glen has taken control of Leo's body. I'm … not too keen on his plan to kill Lacie and alter history, since that seems more extreme than necessary and could result in other forms of chaos and distortions. It'd be better to work with the present and find a solution from there.
    ! The bonuses at the end were good though. Poor Sharon got 0 appearances, so naturally she's upset. Break comforting her was adorable though.

    So um yeah… Anybody else reading this? Any thoughts after volume 19? 20 comes out in February and then it'll probably be a few months before 21 comes out since it just came out in Japan in November I think.

  • Is there really nobody else reading this series? sadface

    Volume 20 hit hard. This is second time the series actually had me fighting back tears while reading it (first being volume 15). I'm really trying to imagine a way for this series to end on a happy note, but it's hard to imagine anything happier than "bittersweet" at the moment.

    ! I can't believe Xai killed his own brother! Just when I was starting to understand where he was coming from with regards to his attitude towards Oz. Like Oscar said, he's so deluded and mistrustful of Jack that everything, absolutely everything, even accidents, are Jack's fault. Yes, Jack is the mastermind behind most of the bad things that have happened, but there are some things that are just accidents. And Oscar, man, he's one of the few truly good people in this series. Or was. Stupid Xai. I hope nothing bad happens to Ada next. ;_;
    ! I hope Break doesn't die, but it feels like he's getting close to it. Sharon seems to sense that something's wrong with him the way the panels were laid out in transition between the two scenes, so I wonder if she'll try and find a way to help him soon.
    ! Leo is absolutely ruthless. Elliot's death obviously triggered most of his feelings of hatred, but I think Oswald's experiences and thoughts are just adding to it and making it worse. Even Lottie looked horrified at how Leo killed that last Pandora grunt by stabbing him through the face. While the Baskervilles weren't in the wrong during the Tragedy, Leo's actions have quickly pushed him to villain status right alongside Jack.
    ! And I hate Jack. I hate him so much. All of this and it's all because of his stupid delusions. He's made countless people suffer just because he wants to see Lacie again. He's not even in love with her! He just wants to see her again! And while Jack might be "water" and not have any kind of strong feelings I think it's pretty clear that he hates Oswald given how he reacted to Oscar's words.
    ! But Alice is back (and Oz has regained some of his confidence) so not all of the things that happened were unhappy! It's just that she returned at the very end of the volume so pretty much the entire volume was heavy and sad. And the extras in the back with young Elliot being astonished to find out that Reim is a real person and not just some fictional character were funny.

    I think I might be grateful that Yen Press has caught up the Japanese releases now. I need a break in between volumes.

  • Looks like 23 will be the last volume:

    Can't say I'm surprised, it started feeling like it would end soon right after the truth was revealed.

    Now to brace myself, since I'm sure the final 3 volumes will be filled with sorrow. MochiJun isn't the type to go and reverse the death flags surrounding Break, especially since they've been there from the beginning, so I'm pretty sure he will die. I only hope that she doesn't kill off too many of the other characters with him; it'll be hard enough losing Break.

    I'm looking forward to her next work, whatever it may be.

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