Attack on titan ova

  • Would the attack on titan ova's and extra ep's be shown here or are thay not apart of the official show?

  • For now, no, they won't be streamed here. Separate license and Kodansha USA is releasing the OVA episodes sub-only DVD with Limited Edition volumes of the manga, similar to how they were released in Japan. They have Ilse's Notebook scheduled to be packed with 17 in December, I assume they'll release all 5 current OVA episodes that way.

  • ok thanks. I am very thankful for the info. have a good day.

  • I recommend buying them if you can. :) They're quite good and worth seeing, especially the Levi ones, but those two probably won't be out here for a long time yet (if Kodansha really does plan to release them all) since new volumes of the manga only come out once every 4 months. :(

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