Funimation App for Android TV

  • Would be nice if Funimation could port their app over to android TV .

  • I totally agree. That is the only thing holding me back from buying a Nvidia Shield

  • soooo agree with you

  • yes, this is very much needed

  • +1 We need this along with Chromecast Support !

  • @OrlandoSC:

    +1 We need this along with Chromecast Support !

    Seems weird that they'd overlook Android TV now knowing how popular Chromecast has become. Was hoping to get a Shield TV soon…but putting that on hold now I guess.

    Would love to hear from Sophie/staff about anything related to Android TV. I saw in one of the other threads a person was offering to send a rough build of it your way.

  • I have asked to see if we are doing anything. More Chromecast support is coming, but I have heard nothing about Android TV.

  • Tis a shame indeed, I have a computer hooked to my TV and can do it that way, but being able to use it on my Nvidia Shield would be a much nicer, not to mention power efficient method of watching.

    Also for anyone thinking of trying it, you can sideload the Android app but the touch interface doesn't translate well to Android TV devices, even with the use of a mouse hooked up it doesn't work properly.

  • Quite honestly, Funimation's support for Android anything is abysmal. They have two apps, one is free and the other costs $10. I can't even find any difference between the two apps as neither of them are even semi-functional. They don't support Google Cast and sometimes they won't even play anything on the Android device. I wouldn't even hope for an Android TV release until some of the bugs are fixed up in the Android apps. For such a popular company, funimation is way behind in the mobile department.

  • The difference between the 2 apps is the inclusion of banner ads. The paid one does not have them the free one does. Other than that literally no difference. From what I recall Funi doesn't even reccomend getting the paid version.

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