Anime That Brought a Tear to Your Eye

  • It's been a while, but Future Diary's ending was so sad/happy that I cried a little. What anime has got to you?

  • A lot of them, but the most sad ending was "Your lie in April". It's not funimation and its sub only, but it's worth the watch.

  • Clannad: After Story, Chobits, and Little Busters: Refrain all brought a tear or two to my eye

    AnoHana, NagiAsu, Katanagatari, and Attack on Titan came very close to doing the same

    EDIT: Also came close: Naruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter

  • Wolf Children made me cry.

    I also cried when I saw that there was no season 3 of Spice and Wolf. ;-;

  • High School DxD, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Akame Ga Kill.

    Ok only one really got me all misty eyed because it made me feel that way when I read it as well which would be the arc with Diodora being a complete sore-loser. Seriously F that guy. Though for some reason really awesome/explosive fights get me choked up for some reason and I don't know why.

  • Madoka Magica and ARIA, mostly. I also get choked up every time I see Perrine and Shizuka together at night in the Strike Witches Movie.

    Jun Maeda also tends to turn on the waterworks for me.

  • Plenty of anime have gotten me to come close to tearing up, a few have actually done so (ARIA, Natsume, FMA/B ), but Wolf's Rain stands out in my memory as the most memorable and powerful.

  • Clannad: After Story was the first real big one for me. Also Anohana, Hunter x Hunter 2011, Black Lagoon (end of Episode 15 specifically), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, alongside Nagi no Asukara: A Lull in the Sea and Toradora.

    Also I personally am curious which parts of Wolf's Rain got you since most of the time I didn't really feel all that emotional towards it. Mainly I'd say it was the last episode before the 4 OVA specials that actually got me

  • The last four episodes mainly. Wolf's Rain did a solid job of getting me to care about the characters, then the ending happened. Watching those last four episodes is one of the most memorable anime-watching experiences I've had.

    Also, for a manga version of this thread, Pandora Hearts is the manga that's caused me to tear up/cry the most.

    I scrolled through my list to jog my memory and honestly only a few anime had scenes come to mind where I actually felt they stood out. Most of the time the feeling is short-lived and not enough to leave a lasting impression even if I did respond emotionally at the time.

  • Some of the most memberable ones are CLANNAD After story when Ushiro finally call Tomoya "papa" for the first time. Most of the scenes in Kanon, Senketsu's death in Kill la Kill brought a tear to the eye. Your lie in April was close. Naruo Morning Jiraya's death, Plastic Memories at the end and Sunday without God when Ai had to bury her father.

  • I've gotten misty-eyed a few times (though never outright cried), during Laughing Under the Clouds, Karneval (l walked around sad for two days afterwards!), at the end of The Legend of the Legendary Heroes and K, as well at the end of the first seasons of Black Butler & Psycho-Pass.

  • Laughing Under the Clouds and Wolf Rain just wrecked my world. I cried a little bit watching both of the Fullmetal Alchemist series, too.

  • One of the first if not the first was and is fushigi yuugi. A few others are Naruto, Fairy Tale, Descendants of darkness, Now and then Here and there, Ghost Slayers Ayashi, Trigun, Blue Exorcist, Psyco-Pass(mad tears), Nabari no ou, Ga-Rei-Zero, Strain, Statigic Armored Infarty, Heroic Age, Claymore, Balssreiter, Jyu-oh-Sei, Sword Art Online, The Legend of Legendary Heroes, and Witchblade. These are the ones I can remember.

  • Some of the main ones would be fairy tale, black butler and wolf rain!!!!

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