Cased Closed

  • Cased Closed is the best mystery anime of all time and I'm just wondering when are you guys going to start dubbing it?

  • Never.


  • Funimation stated they weren't going to be continuing with Case Closed.

  • Crunchyroll, started airing the latest episodes of the series Starting with Episode # 754

  • Sadly, as great as Case Closed is-It did not do well in the US on its initial runs. Because of this, FUNimation is most likely never going to continue dubbing it. I personally plan on picking up the Dective Conan Mangas and trying to find subtitled episodes to feed my need to keep watching :)

  • Case Closed didn't do well in any of its runs. Funimation tried multiple times to inspire interest, but never to much response - even DVD sales were pretty lackluster. We're the few and proud, I remember waking up at 5:30 in the morning just to watch this. Perhaps with Discotek Media picking up the Lupin vs. Conan movie we might have a shot at some subtitled movies, but 750+ episodes is a little excessive. Crunchyroll is your best option for watching future episodes, but if someone has a few million and negotiation experience with Japanese companies then I've got access to some recording equipment and we will make it happen.

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