• I signed up for your site and want to watch video on my mobile device. Why don't favorite lists transfer to mobile? I also am really bothered by the fact that I will be paying for ads on your app after the 14 day full trial is over. When will ads be removed from the mobile app?

  • If I remember correctly, there is a paid and free version of the mobile app, and if you don't want to see banner ads, you'll need to purchase the paid app. In either version of the app, you shouldn't see any commercials during episodes as a paid subscriber.

  • @EyeOfPain:

    you shouldn't see any commercials during episodes as a paid subscriber.

    There are exceptions, of course.

  • Yes, you can get rid of banner ads by paying, this is my problem. I want to pay them for service but having me pay for an app to remove ads then pay to remove commercials is a mess. I also find that my saved shows/movies lists do not follow my account. I have to have everything added to each and every device. Single sign in with the exact same content is a basic expectation with streaming services at the moment. I also have loud splash screens when the app starts. I already know its funimation, thanks. The menu setup is a mess, they need to stop thinking so much and simplify the interface. Clean list of all content/saved shows(same on all devices), small filter button and another for settings. I just cant believe that this is not a priority to funimation. This webpage itself is poorly designed. To change my sub fee to yearly i had to click on a FAQ question then hit a link. How the hell does that make sense? They have no clear way to contact them for recommendations or support other than a forum, that is some off the shelf software. These people running this company could provide a much better experience but choose to be cheap and lazy. I have 14 days to cancel the service without a charge… i want the content but i find it hard to give my money to a company that cant get basic design right. I am just disappointed in this i guess...

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