Imagine an actual .hack MMO

  • Ive always thought this game was gold. Especially when it got introduced so early in the 2000s as a make belief MMO. With gaming technology now a days I don't understand how the producers couldn't take the opportunity to actually make the MMO a reality. I don't know, playing this game called PSO 2 just made me missed the .hack franchise and wished there was something like that for real. I would subscribe in a heart beat lol

  • Back in 2005 all the way to 2007 there was a real official .hack MMO called fragment which like its predecessors (IMOQ and GU) was for ps2. There are a few unofficial (meaning not owned by the company of the franchise) revivals of this game on the internet to this day. I will however not link any of these because that would violate the rules. Fragment was only released in japan btw. I also know someone who is attempting to make a Virtual Reality version of .hack just to see if it can be done. The project i will not name but lets just say it is not cheap. Making an MMO out of it is his next step but that might not be for a long time to come especially since the tech he is using is by no means inexpensive.

  • A .hack MMO called The World with special un announced events to make it seem like something weird is going on in the game from time to time would be awesome.

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