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  • I. All ready payed for the soul eater premium edition and it comes out on the 21st and they sent me a message saying that it shipped today and I All ready payed for it and someone told me I haven't payed for it yet and since they just jumped me and said it shipped without notice. I doint have enof money in my account of they re take more money out again?

  • It's unclear who this "someone" is that has told you that you have not paid for the item. Is this someone with FUNimation?

    Have you checked your purchase history and verified that you have a debit against your account for this item?

    If the item has already shipped, there's not much FUNimation can really do. It's up to your bank at this point if what you've said is entirely true.

  • Someone from fun. Did and they never gave a notice to when it would ship and when they would take out money and it apprentally shipped today when it doesn't come out in till the 21st

  • you got to remember a lot of times when you pre order something from funi, they will a lot of times ship your order earlier than the release date.
    kind of like a reward for pre purchasing an item.
    so as a rule of thumb when you order something, keep the money in your account, as it may ship early :)

  • When you pre-order you typically don't pay right away, though there are exceptions. Most of the time you are billed upon shipment of the item. An authorization charge is placed upon ordering, which is only temporary and usually reversed within a few days. Then when the item is ready to be shipped the actual charge is applied.

    From the FAQ:

    Why was my card charged a second time for a pre-ordered item?

    Your card is actually only being charged once. When you purchase a pre-order from the FUNimation Shop, your card will be pre-authorized, which means that it will appear as if you have been charged for the title. The pre-authorization should drop off of your card a few days after you have sent in your pre-order. The timing of this depends on your financial institution. The full purchase amount of the pre-order will not actually be processed and charged to your card until your pre-order has been shipped.

    If you believe that you have been charged twice for the same pre-order, please check your full banking or credit card statements and confirm whether the full amount of your pre-order was actually deducted twice. You should see that the funds were only deducted once overall while the earlier charge was only a pre-authorization and was debited back to your account later. Note: Some banks will place a hold on your payment and then return the funds after approximately 10 days. In this case, please check your statement to see if the bank has removed the hold from your account after your pre-order has shipped.

    If the full amount of your pre-order was deducted twice, please visit and choose "Shop - Orders" as the reason for contact.

    If you are sure that you have been billed twice then look through your transaction history and submit a ticket to support.

    It is not uncommon for pre-ordered items to ship early in the anime world. Generally it is a good idea to expect it to ship early and have the funds available about 3 weeks in advance.

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