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  • I've noticed that Gangsta and Chaos Dragon are up behind a subscriber only wall for an indefinite period of time. I would assume it's an error, but given what happened last season with the extended lockout windows for some of the other simulcasts it's likely intentional. Frankly I have to say that even as a subscriber myself, this is just straight up ridiculous. I can understand wanting to build up your subscriber base but LITERALLY forcing people to subscribe in order to watch these shows at all is just messed up. Sure, Crunchyroll may have it's problems but they've never pulled stunts like this and it's starting to become a real problem considering how much of the lion's share Funimation is starting to take now every season. Perhaps making the attempt to address complaints people have had about the service rather than just forcing people onto it would help in drawing more folks in.

    I know this sounds rude, but please reconsider this. There has to be a better solution somewhere.


    A Concerned Subscriber

  • Simulcasts are delayed a week for guests, which is the same deal on Crunchyroll

  • @Riles:

    Simulcasts are delayed a week for guests, which is the same deal on Crunchyroll

    its now been extended to tow or three weeks for some. Take a look at the simulcast schedule and you'll see that both shows he's taking about only say subscriber exclusive and no time frame for when they become available for free subscribers. could be that it simply haven't been updated yet to include that info or they are trying more new things and both show will only be available for subscribers

  • I'd like to chime in on this as well. FUNimation used to be my favorite R1 company (Up until around 2012/2013), now they're towards the very bottom, and decisions like this are partly why.

    Seriously, what GOOD reason is there to RESTRICT your audience? When you introduced the one week wall a few years ago I didn't have a problem with it, especially since it matched what CR did. It gives an incentive to subscribe instead of pirating or just watching for free, and subscribers don't feel cheated in any way. Really it's something that should have been implemented since the beginning of the EVS service. Then you later last season added 2 and 3 week walls. This was rather questionable given how CR doesn't do this. Now this "If you don't have EVS, sorry, you can't watch this show." mindset is REALLY questionable, and reminds me of the horrible days The Anime Network had no complete Hulu streams, and you could only watch shows if you had a subscription (Simulcasts and some other shows were exempt from this). And it didn't help how the video player was rather clunky. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. If anything, this will backfire on you, and more will resort to piracy.

    Instead of restricting your audience, you should work on your subtitle issues (See: The grammar issues in Seraph of the End, "Just like a plan." Death Note parody gone all wrong (It's "Just as planned.") in No-Rin), and improve the service.

  • First off, let me say that I hope that there being no timeframe for the exclusivity window is simply an oversight. Secondly, if it isn't, then what good does it do to lock content out from users that don't subscribe to EVS? And what if this effects Hulu, as well, since a good sum watch their shows over there? This is really concerning, and I don't want to see content be locked away for exclusivity, in any way or form.

  • As a moderator here on the FUNimation forums, I know I'm technically supposed to "take FUNi's side" on these sorts of things. But I'm afraid I cannot support this action in good conscience.

    If these delays and restrictions are due to licensing mandates set upon you by the production companies themselves, then that's one thing. True, it's horribly inconvenient, but at least somewhat understandable. However, if this action is FUNimation's own decision, then I have to echo the sentiments of the other posters here and agree that it's a really dirty trick they're trying to pull. The one-week delay is understandable and I have no real issue with it. The two- and three-week delays are horribly annoying, but they are still manageable. But a complete restriction regarding certain shows and not allowing free members to see them at ALL? That's just a straight up dick move on your part, FUNi.

    I really hope that you guys read what the users are saying here and take it to heart. Forcing your users to pay for a membership status just to watch the shows is kind of a scummy tactic. Your competition doesn't do it, and if anything I see this driving more and more customers away from you and into Crunchyroll's arms.

    If this is just an oversight and the shows in question turn out to not be locked into subscriber exclusivity, then please disregard our concerns. Also, if it's a mandate set upon you by the production companies, then again, there's nothing you can do about it. But if this is indeed a decision that FUNimation themselves came up with, please reconsider what you're doing.

  • Yeah I think I'll also give my regards to this. Whether or not certain shows were between 1 or 2 weeks behind the fact that there are some shows now that just cannot be watched without an account is definitely annoying. Even with Crunchyroll I really can't recall any subtitled shows that were available exclusively to CR Premium members only. Even the ones that really DID require a member, like a lot of your Dubbed episodes and Broadcast Dubs, required a subscription. I get subscriptions being needed for a dubbed episode that's fair. Even the fact that you have older episodes for dubbed shows that are older available for free members too overtime is also really great. But having Subscriber Exclusive shows definitely doesn't sit right with me. I am a satisfied subscriber on this website but the fact that subtitled simulcasts can or will now be made exclusive to subs definitely doesn't sit well with me. Whether those were individual deal requirements or conscious decisions on FUNimation's part I can definitely see why the others are upset over this.

  • We have to indicate that a show has subscription-only content in some fashion, or else everyone who was watching for free would (rightly) complain that the show was supposed to be for free users and was instead subscription-only.

    I would hold off on the pitchforks and the torches until we get past the initial week of the new season (where, historically, things are in a bit of flux) and everyone sees where the dust settles. Then, we'll be more than happy to take suggestions on how to improve the service! ^_^

  • @Getchman:

    its now been extended to tow or three weeks for some. Take a look at the simulcast schedule and you'll see that both shows he's taking about only say subscriber exclusive and no time frame for when they become available for free subscribers.

    Oh yeah, I see that now. I knew there was one show that had a two week exclusivity a few seasons ago, but I didn't realize they were getting worse. That's not great!

    I'm sure the ones without a specified exclusivity will eventually have one in the one-to-two week buffer zone, but still, two and three weeks exclusivity seems outright silly

  • In the interest of fairness, for those who say CR never did this, they have for simulcasts under two circumstances:

    1. When they originally had Fairy Tail as a simulcast (before Funimation licensed it), it was not only available only to premium members, but the episodes were only retained for 30 days. This, however, was a licensing restriction, and not CR's choice.

    2. Occasionally there will be series that are only be available in certain countries for premium subscribers. Aside from #1, however, I've never seen that happen for viewers in the US or Canada for simulcasts.

  • Here is an update on this issue….

    1 Week Subscriber Exclusive
    Snow With with the Red Hair
    Seiyu's Life

    2 Week Subscriber Exclusive
    Castle Town Dandelion
    Bikini Warriors
    Junjo Romantica
    Sky Wizards Academy
    Chaos Dragon
    Rampo Kitan

  • Well at least they all have definitive lockout dates now, and aren't "exclusive" indefinitely.

    Still, all those 2-week delays are pretty annoying, but at least there aren't any more 3-week lockouts like last season.

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