Unsure How I Feel About This Show

  • I liked the show, and was usually pretty eager to watch it every Saturday, but somehow it sort of lost my interest a little at the end. It just didn't leave me with a "ZOMG I'll die if the new season doesn't come out RIGHT NOW!!" kind of feeling. I can't quite put my finger on why I feel this way though. Am I alone in this?

  • You're not alone my friend. Seraph really bummed me out in how surprisingly unhype and sort of meh it was.

  • Whats killing me is how many times these people run away, i swear they can only fight normal vampires without immediately saying "NOPE, were leaving!" And then the same thing happens everytime, yu says "screw that! Give me more power!" And then right before he goes on a rampaging masacre someone knocks him out and carries him away. The actual lack of story defining deaths and battles is making almost all the fighting completely irrelavant despite the massive amounts of power these people have with their weapons, since in the end even the black demon weapon holders still get batted around like a toy by even the lowest of noble vampires. Thats assuming the whole routine with yu hasnt already occured and theyre not already running away.

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