Adding anime music videos to Funimation.

  • I think Funimation should offer the music for the anime they host on the site. It would be cool to make a playlist of all your favorite opening/ending songs, rather than struggling through YouTube or other places on the net. Depending on the process of doing this, the full access account holders could maybe access the full song rather than the short 1-2 minute intro. This could be another way to support the artists who's music is used in popular anime, as well.
    If they're able to, being able to sell the songs would also be really cool. Some of them are very difficult to find, and/or the name or artist isn't always listed in easy to find places. The DVD releases of a lot of series also have different songs than the versions released on TV, so it might be cool to be able to access them here as well.
    The proposal might be too complicated to pull off, but I think it would be really really -really- cool if it was seriously considered.


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