I noticed there's a different TV ratings showed all the episodes in Toonami as TV-14?

  • I noticed that the official Funimation website showed Attack on Titan as TV-MA, but, I watched all the episodes that showed on Toonami that all of them have shown as TV-14, was there like censorship that could have been extremely inappropriate to TV just like those Toonami staves in the Convention confirmed that those F Bombs in some of those TV-MA animes have censored with Beeps on those F-words due to not allowed in TV like Deadman Wonderland, Blacklagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, and Michiko Hatchin when I watched it in Toonami and I did also saw like other censorship like they edited on Akira with that F word on the door in the bar got change to the "Buck You" & Tetsuo didn't say the F word when he was back up with his motorcycle (and I didn't hear the Beeping also) and I did saw in Kill la Kill had a censorship in Episode 16 that they removed the corrupted baptism and skipped it to Satsuki Kiryuin got puriffied. But, is Attack on Titan really rated as TV-MA or is this like a mistake, I did seen some other mistakes like this happen when they did on Space Dandy when they had shown on the official website as TV-MA when Toonami aired Space Dandy from 2014?

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