~Last Exile FAM The Silver Wing~ what did everyone think of this show?

  • Just wondering what everyone thought of this show after viewing the entire series. Do you consider it better than the prequel or worse than the prequel why or why not? Also who was everyone's favorite character from the entire series? Thanks

    PS I have not seen the sequel yet that is why i'm not posting a response and I only have the first part the first 11 episodes. I will be getting the 2nd part for Christmas. Thanks and God Bless

  • have not seen it yet , it is on my short list. Forums seem kinda empty here. Soon as I watch it I will reply

  • I thought it fell pretty flat. It might have worked better if it didn't have that connection to Last Exile. None of the characters worked quite as well as Klaus, Lavie and the rest in the original; even Dio wasn't nearly as interesting to watch, and Al's presence never added anything to the story either.

    It may sound like I'm hating on the show, but I'm not. It wasn't like Fam was a bad show, it… just wasn't very good compared to Last Exile, and there are people that liked it.

  • I enjoyed it. It was well crafted and very different from Last Exile in both characters and story arch. However I think its true about not enough time spent with Al and Dio. I was really happy with it and wondering if there is more to come. Any one know if we get a new series? Hopefully with Lavie Klaus Dio Al and Fam.

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