One Piece Episode 590

  • I subscribe to CrunchyRoll and have been watching the episodes of One Piece to catch up on it, and got to episode 589, and at the end when it talks about next episode, it shows a crossover episode, this time also including Dragon Ball Z. But I noticed that it then jumped to episode 591, skipping past it.

    Any reason why CrunchRoll doesn't have episode 590, and does Funimation have this episode on their service, and will it be dubbed and included in the DVD sets when they get to that episode…I mean Funimation does Toriko and Dragon Dall Z, so can't see why not dub this episode...least I hope it gets dubbed.


  • @TheRealSneakers:

    does Funimation have this episode on their service,

    Nope, and don't expect them to be added. As you've stated, they're crossover episodes, and Toei has not permitted them to be included.

  • Oh….well....maybe they will get the rights for those 3 episodes....I mean Funi has dubbing rights to Toriko and Dragon Ball already. Still have lots of episodes until those 3 episodes come up, so lots of time to get them. I hope so, hate to have missing episodes from my collection.

  • I already ask them previously about it and they said the crossover episodes are not available b/c it would be a licensing hell.

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