4th of July Plans?

  • Anyone doing anything fun/interesting for the long weekend?

    I'm chilling with some friends on the actual 4th with the traditional BBQ extravaganza and bringing my signature desert. Otherwise, though, I am all about the pajamas and some combination of anime and FFXIV.

    What's everyone else got going on? :D

  • I didn't have much to do except go to a small cookout at my brother's friend's place. Would've liked to go to the Syracuse Chiefs game tonight for some baseball and fireworks but the budget wouldn't allow it.

    Anyways, it's just not the same with my parents down in Tennessee. We'd go to my aunt's and uncle's down by the Finger Lakes, eat better food by the lake, and watch fireworks over the lake. I hope everyone is having a better Independence Day than I am!

  • I was working, but someone was nice enough to bring a grill for some dogs.

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