Who voices Scratchmen Apoo in the English Dub of One Piece?

  • Obviously according to reliable sources he is voiced by Brad Venable, but the cast list on the episodes read Jim Foronda. I am pretty confused her fellas :(

    I believe the actor's and director's words, but how was the error made?

  • I can't speak on behalf of Funimation, but it's possible that Jim Foronda was originally cast while the credits were being made and there was a change at the last minute after the credits had been finished. Periodically voice actors are replaced at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances leaving no time to correct. For example, Daws Butler (Yogi Bear) voiced Barney Rubble for several episodes of the Flintstones while Mel Blanc was recovering from a motor accident, which if I remember correctly the credits for that were never updated for those episodes and were later redubbed with Mel Blanc's voiceover.

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