The Roku Channel

  • I may be missing something here, please let me know if I am, but why isn't there a previously watched section? Every single time I want to watch something I have to go to the show in queue and then guess about what episode and about where I was watching it. Sometimes I'll have a few days in between watching and forget where I was at. Please please your Roku Channel is pretty lacking in that department. It makes it a pain to just go watch things quickly. I don't know if there's any difference in interface, but I use a Roku LT.

  • Could not agree more.
    I asked before when the Roku Funi App would be updated and got different dates
    which have come and gone.

    It is almost like Funi has forgotten just how many people use the Roku device as their main content delivery.

  • Last known outlook is for September.

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