Whyyy???? I thought new dubs would be released today

  • All day I was looking forward to watching new fairy tail dubs after work…only to find out they won't be released until august. Why?? It said on the schedule they would release today. I saw it with my eye holes. Now I'm mad. While I'm here...since I'll obviously have to wait...anyone wanna reccomend some anime like it? I hate naruto and one piece fyi. I've watched railgun and index, bleach, soul eater 1 and 2, and I'm currently watching assassination classroom.

  • I did too and now I'm very upset….

  • the date changed when part 16 was solicited for release 15 days ago. todays date was a palceholder

  • NOOOOOOO!!! This literally just ruined my day by itself. Just started my vacation and getting so pumped up to watch this and now i have to wait over a month after waiting so long for these new episodes. PLEASE GO BY FAST!!

  • WHY!?!?!?😰😰I finished watching all the other ones and now I have to wait another month!

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