How will you spend your leap second?

  • Ok so if you've been living not on the interwebs every June 30 and December 31 we add one more second to the clocks to compensate the fact that we have a longer day than the previous day (but not by much). And much like daylight saving time where we get/lose an hour of sleep once a year, how will you spend your 61st second today which will happen in 3 hours 9 minutes x seconds as I type this line in particular? Or in the case of people late to the metaphorical party how did you spend it?

  • I'll be at work, unloading packages at Fedex and making sure they get on the pane to Memphis

  • At that time of day? Probably either means I'll get to chew one more second of dinner or play one more second of Final Fantasy XIV. ^_^

    If it were a little earlier, I would get to spend it with all of you! (Awwww)

  • I just used it up, and then some, posting in this thread ~_^

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