Release DVD/BD in 4 episode sets before releasing complete collection.

  • The reason why it take at least a year or more to release anime on DVD/BD is because Funimation only releases them in complete sets, which means you have to wait for all the episodes to be released on DVD/BD in Japan (Japan releases them in 4 episode sets a month or 2 apart).

    To get the series out on American DVD/BD faster, as soon as the first 4 episodes are released on DVD/BD in Japan, dub and release the episodes four episodes at a time, and then when all the episodes are released, then release a complete collection edition as well.

    I would especially like to see the first 4 episodes of Show By Rock for example released this fall or in time for the holidays with all the insert songs dubbed. At the same time, the dubbed episodes would be reposted online with extended footage, uncut scenes, and dubbed insert songs by anime characters.

  • oh, you want to take us back in time, now there's fantastic idea. I for one would certainly love to pay more for a show than I currently do.

    Standard Japanese releases are 2 ep a disk released each month.

  • No.

    God no.

    Holy crap no.

    Are you serious no.

    I understand you want the dubs to come out faster on DVDs, but at a day and age where Funimation is able to dub shows weeks apart and air them on their website no problem, when it comes to owning the shows on DVD you would sacrifice all that people like Funimation have worked for to make owning anime more conveinent by simply going back to a flawed method that overpriced companies like Aniplex USA and Pony Canyon are easily embracing to make it like the Japanese methods of overpriced one-off volumes instead of owning the whole thing?

    Know that's a bit of a tangent I went on but for the love of god as far as Funimation goes they will NOT go back to one-off volumes for shows. 12 to 13 episodes is fair and reasonable and relatively cheap. Waiting sucks but that waiting time goes to an affordable quality product. Don't sacrifice quality and go to quantity.

  • i do not want to go back to the 4 episodes dvd release .
    the amount of wasted space shelf space for one reason, try having 7 dvd boxes for a 24 episode series.
    as everyone has already pointed out the cost factor,i remember originally purchasing noir for $ 30.00 a dvd or, $ 210.00 for the series.
    as long as we are getting the broadcast dubs as quickly as we are im happy waiting for the physical release.

    the way funi is doing the broadcast dubs, i don't see it taking as long to get us the dvd release.

    as no one knows what funis goal is on the way their are going to release anime to us in the future, lets not give then bad ideas like this.

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