Is Matt Mercer voicing Law?

  • I know nothing has been confirmed yet, but after all these speculations I read online, it's like it is going to be Matthew. I mean there are a lot evidence to support the rumor.

    Light weight support: Japanese Actor Hiroshi Kamiya voices Law in One Piece, and Levi Ackemann in Attack on Titan. Matt voices Levi in the English Dub.

    Heavy weight support (taken from a Facebook comment): "I read a comment on Season 7 V1's trailer on FUNi's YouTube Channel where a fan and his brother went to a convention where Matt Mercer was a guest. At the autograph lines, he and his brother were the last to get Matt Mercer's autograph. The fan's brother was wearing a One Piece shirt and Matt noticed it and asked if they are One Piece fans (stupid question mind you). They said that they are and they watch the show in dub and sub, and read the manga as the volumes are released. Matt said to them that he'll be voicing a reoccurring character in the new dubbed episodes and he denied that it was Binz. It's true that it might not be Law, but I think Mike McFarland and Joel McDonald knew from the start who they were going to cast as Law after they watched the Episodes in sub (Mike has worked with him on FMA: The Sacred Star of Milo and in Attack on Titan, while Joel directed Film Z where Matt plays Binz)."

    Don't give the crap that actors are only allowed to play one character. Andrew Love has played three different characters (2 in the same arc) before they announced that he will be playing Admiral Akainu in future dubbed footage.

  • yes he is. it was confirmed today

  • Awesome!!!! Now we wait for Boa Hancock's English VA

  • Any youtube samples of Matt Mercer's voice?

  • Probably best known for voicing both Yamato and Pain from Naruto: Shippuden. The OP also mentions Levi, if you've watched Attack on Titan

    EDIT: If you're familiar with video games, he's done a lot in that genre as well. I believe his most obvious one is Chrom from Fire Emblem, but he's also been Robin in Batman: Arkham Knight as well as Kanji from Persona 4

  • ^ Granted he was only Kanji after Troy Baker stopped playing him.

  • Is there a link to this confirmation? I don't completely trust word of mouth in situations like this.

    Also, Mercer doesn't voice Yamato and Pain; he voices Gyuuki, the Eight-Tails.

  • @GalaxyCrisis:

    Also, Mercer doesn't voice Yamato and Pain; he voices Gyuuki, the Eight-Tails.

    He currently voices all three (Yahiko instead of Pain if you want to be technical)

  • That's odd; ANN lists Troy Baker as voicing Yamato and Pain.

  • I believe he voiced them up to somewhere in the 200s before getting recasted. Same deal as Persona 4, I guess because they have similar enough voices!

  • I just checked the Naruto wiki, and you're right about Yamato. However, even there it lists Baker as the only English VA of Yahiko.

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