Updates / Posts when an anime takes a week off

  • Having a post letting us know, at least those who also don't get to see the show in Japan and get to read their notification, that a show will not be airing during a week would be wonderful. A simple post on the front page of a simulcast show or a post to that show's forum would be easy to do. Crunchyroll does it. It's much more fun for us watchers than having to search the web for anything telling us whether or not the show is taking a week off or just delayed a few hours. A plus for Funimation, to counter balance the fact that it would make Funi do more work, is that it would keep people from finding out that 90% of the search links that tell us the status of the show are actually links to torrent sites.

  • I agree with this. I had some friends who had no idea Blood Blockade Battlefront was on break Saturday. This would be very helpful or maybe in the Simulcast Schedule just put "On break for the week." with a clickable link showing a blog post why it's on break.

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