Revival Planet Vegeta and sayian race

  • I know a lot of people who love dragonball, dragonball z and dragon ball gt and would like to see a spin off where either Vegeta or one of the half sayian kids ask the dragon to revive planet Vegeta and all the sayians killed by freeza and when it happens Vegeta, Guko, and all of their kids are there and explain everything that has transpired after freeza destroys their planet. And then Goku and Vegeta tell them that they want them all to become planet protectors and show them their true powers from super sayian to super sayian 4 all the way to super sayian God and king Vegeta and Bardock both meet their children growup and meet all their grand children. And they fight amongst each other as well as new foes that threaten the universe. So what do you think

  • FUNimation doesn't actually make anime. Any future Dragon Ball spin-offs or side-stories would have to come from Toei themselves.

    Here, read this. This will help explain things:

    Also, The Suggestion Box forum is meant for people to recommend ways in which to improve the website and forums as a whole, not for people to post their story ideas. If you have any story ideas you'd like to share, feel free to post them in the Fanfiction section of the site.

    Sorry for the confusion. I'll be locking this up now.

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