• Hey guys, now I know a lot of you have read a thread or even started your own thread about this specific item, The Dragon Boxes. We know the DBZ box sets did sell enough to make Funi a small profit, my ? is is Funi going to consider doing more? Over the past 5 or so years all I have been hearing about is Dragon Boxes, although Funi seems to be going in the right direction with the Blu-ray remasters. We fans imo deserve another Dragon Box, it's time with all this new content coming out of the Dragon Ball universe movie, TV shows, games, ect.. I'm afraid us long time fans might not get what we deserve let alone waited the whole 14, 15 years for nothing. I know its not that easy for Funi to aquire the original master, I was surprise they acquired DBZ with that being said I know we can get the original series. So this day forward I'm going to ask all long time and new DragonBall fans to step up and ask Funi for what we deserve. I beg fans not to get upset by this thread for the simple fact that you specific fans have been getting what you asked for (except cancelled releases)for couple years. Funi I know you hear us, its about time. YOU SHOWED US YOU CARED WITH THE LEVELS sets don't let me for that matter US DOWN.

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  • I'm gonna move this to the dedicated Dragon Ball forum where it belongs.

  • it's about time you guys make this happen Funimation.

  • I understand now Funi, Dragon Ball is just to popular here its just to much to give another Dragon Box release. Why release something that you don't need to, why spend that amount of money when your product is doing very well. The thing is it is little to no hope for the Dragon boxes to be released, Funimation versions of the series are just to strong and hold up not to dish out money to a normal sized market on a d**n near perfect release. I'm not saying we won't get a perfect release by any means, but I'm afraid you guys that it might be a long wait for something like that. Sorry for all the bashing on Funi if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't have this series in the states.

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