Manyuu Hikenchou License Thoughts?

  • Saw a post on Youtube which sparked this thought in my mind. The last big ecchi title of the past 5 years to get almost zero attention was Manyuu Hikenchou, I'm wondering if there were or are going to be any plans to license this title. Seikon no Qwaser was already picked up by Sentai, but Funi has done shows like Freezing, DxD, Maken Ki and more so I'm wondering why Manyuu hasn't been picked up. Not many titles have the sheer "booby" based fan service that Manyuu had, and with Funi's often "self-aware" and hilarious Dub scripts for ecchi I know it could be a success…

  • Hi there.

    We've already got a thread in the Anime section dedicated to posting shows that you want FUNimation to pick up. The Suggestion Box forum is mainly meant for people to recommend ways in which to improve the website and forums as a whole, not for people to post their requests for shows.

    Sorry for the confusion. I'll be locking this up now.

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