How do season listings work?

  • I've noticed that for the past 62 episodes since the simulcast, Fairy Tail has been in "Season 7". But the other seasons have been roughly 24 episodes (give or take a few), save "Season 1", which is 48. Is there any chance of moving onto a "Season 8"? I mean, with the new direction the animation is going in (using new title cards, a new color palette, new episode previews at the end, etc.), you'd think it'd start with episode 227. But evidently it doesn't work that way. If not that way, then what?

  • Season listings are highly variable and are entirely dependent on who produces the show

    In the first run of the series, the intended amount of episodes was originally 48, which would have ended right after the Natsu/Gajeel v. Laxus fight. Hence, one season. However, due to an insane amount of popularity, they decided to continue with the series past 48, which is probably why they broke it up into more uniform seasons after that. (This also explains why Gildarts was never mentioned until his debut, because they probably didn't think it necessary to include him with the original 48 episodes. This is why Gildarts isn't even mentioned when Makarov initially contemplates retirement)

    Now that the new series has started, it might be that A-1 has decided to do away completely with seasons, and has picked the new series to be the all-encompassing seventh season. Or, it could be that the show is still going through its original episode request count, and once that count is completed, it will finally move on to season 8

    Either way, seasons really don't matter for long-running shonen such as Fairy Tail. At that point they're more for the producers and studio than the consumer

  • I honestly don't think there's a certain answer to your question, but according to the Fairy Tail IMDb and Wiki pages, and my own personal belief, i think the season listings are;
    Season One: Episodes 1-48
    Season Two: Episodes 49-96
    Season Three: Episodes 97-150
    Season Four: Episodes 151-175
    Season Five: Episodes 176-226
    Season Six: Episodes 227-current

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