Suddenly Blank Player - OLD

  • We are seeing a new, emergent version of this issue.

    In this particular case, we believe that this has to do with our digital encoding process and that it is only certain videos experiencing this issue.

    If you are seeing a blank/black player issue where no videos play AT ALL, please see this thread - (you do not have the issue this thread is about)

    Please either submit a Video ticket (you will be asked to re-submit any specific information you send, jsyk) or provide the following information below:

    • The specific videos you are currently seeing this issue on please include series, episode number, SUB/DUB and 480/720/1080p
    • An approximate timestamp in playback where the first issue with the video occurred.
    • If you are using anything other than the website on a desktop or laptop computer to view videos.

    Thanks– we'll get this cleared up as quickly as possible!

  • Also, if you have ALREADY submitted a ticket about your issue, you do not need to reply here or submit a new one.

  • I am having this problem on Assassination Classroom, episode 16, dubbed, 1080, at approximately 5:40 ish. If I refresh the page, I can watch another 20 seconds or so, and then I get the problem again. It happens in both fullscreen and normal. Using Firefox.

  • Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this– I'll let you know when we have it resolved!

  • We've resolved the issue with episode 16 of Assassination Classroom. Please let me know if you're still experiencing any difficulties!

  • I'm getting a similar problem as to above. Assassination Classroom, this time Episode 21; on both SD and HD 720. Approximately 6 minutes in on HD 6:50 on SD it cuts out. It isn't coming in on other players. I'm going to try logging out and logging in again.

  • I've already reproduced and reported this one– I'll get back to you here when it's fixed. Thanks for the report-- keep them coming!

  • Assassination Classroom 21 should be fixed. (It was actually fixed last night, but I have to sleep sometime. ;) )

  • no videos or movies are working on the ps4, ps3, its been like this for three days.

  • ^ Again, please submit a ticket to

  • @connormg6 - This is not the issue this thread is about and I will delete it in a day or two to make sure you have a chance to read this reply.

    As SpacemanHardy says, please make a ticket with the PlayStation App reason code for further assistance with this issue.


  • So just out of curiosity have you guys nailed down a root cause for this issue? Some borked settings or some such? Something causing things to get corrupted?

  • We haven't yet. What's been weird is that it's not seeming to be happening on all new videos, just on some of them, and it's only started happening recently but I don't think there have been any changes with encoding. We're still looking into it– the more shows that get reported and reproduced with this issue, the better, though, because it helps us see patterns that should lead to a solution.

  • I have this problem with Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 6 Dub on 720p. It works normally until 1:15 then goes blank/black. The video will load past that point on 1080 however.

  • @jrag - sorry for the delay on this one, but I wasn't able to reproduce. Can you please check and see if this is still occurring? Thanks!

  • Im having issues with Assassination Classroom episode 8 dub 1080p. Plays for about 20s then black

  • Assassination classroom Dub ep 21 1080p . It does not start having problems until a little over halfway through (right as they reveal the mastermind) . works fine on 720p.

  • I was able to reproduce the issue with Assassination Classroom 21– I'll keep you posted on when this is resolved. Thanks!

  • I believe this issue has been resolved. Can you let me know if you're still having issues?

  • Nope still not working. I watched it in 720p so I went and checked it on 1080p during a part of it I knew had been crashing. I started it at 14:00 minute mark and it plays for about 17 seconds before shutting off.

  • Hmm… can you clear your cache and try again? I wasn't able to reproduce the issue at this time.

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