Bring back the "you should be watching" voice

  • Id like to bring back the voice saying your slogan at the beginning of each show.

    Furthermore, i think when you dub a series you should have a different voice actor's voice from that series saying it. I dont think itd be much trouble to prerecord them and have it on file.

  • What about maybe having the actors saying it in character? Example: if Monica Rial is using her squeaky voice in the show, she should say the slogan that way. I'm not sure if that sounds silly, just thought I'd add to the suggestion :)

  • I do miss that one myself. The new one is just so weird. It kind of makes me want to play with Legos while I text emoticons to people. I have liked what Paramount has done with their movies. Where they use the same logo but introduce unique audio that meshes with the movie. Obviously more resource intensive. Though I know Funimation had to make a new one due to the purchase, it didn't have to be so drastic.

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