Question regarding subtitles for English dubs on Roku 1

  • Yesterday I bought the all-access pass for funimation so I could begin streaming anime on my roku device. Watching the English dubs of anime is one of the main reasons why I bought the pass, however whenever I want to watch an English dub there are giant yellow subtitles for every series I try to watch. Is there an option to remove these? They are very distracting and not really needed for me if I'm watching an English dub. Thanks!

  • i have the roku 2, hope this helps
    if you go under the settings on the roku, and look for the cc (closed captioning ) settings and turn it off.
    you can also do this in video playback mode by pressing the * button on your remote and change the cc settings.
    it looks like the default setting might be to have cc on.
    if you still cant get it to work your gonna have to get support from roku, mabe its a bad device

  • Hmm looks like my roku is just incredibly outdated, I cant't find a single option to manage closed captioning. I think it's about time to get a new roku, thanks for the help anyways!

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