School Rumble, Jin Kobayashi Please Hear Us

  • I am with a group called 'Jin Kobayashi Please Hear Me', also know as 'Justice for Harima'. If you are a fan of School Rumble you will likely want to check out our YouTube channel. We love SR and appreciate any fans like us that would like to support our effort to reach Jin Kobayashi. See the YouTube page for details or email us at

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  • He should have chosen Yakumo.

    But I can deal with Eri.

    BTW- it's dead, Jim.

  • Harima and Eri didn't happen. It's amazing how many people believe that though.

    BTW- If you had no interest in supporting or getting involved your opinion wasn't really necessary.

  • While I do appreciate the originality in how you're going about it, I'm afraid this topic still technically falls under the "do not ask for future seasons of anime" rule we have here at the forums.

    Please read this for a more detailed explanation:

    Simply put, neither FUNimation, it's users, or it's fans are really in any position to coerce or persuade Jin Kobayashi to continue the series. Petitions certainly don't work either. As non-Japanese fans, our powers of influence are rather limited. The Japanese manga and anime production companies barely make anything from US sales when compared to Japanese sales, so even if the show had a huge sudden burst of sales figures and interest, it wouldn't make much difference in the long run. Also, School Rumble was never all that big of a seller for FUNimation, hence why it's been relegated to the S.A.V.E. collection for several years and was even at one point out of print. In fact, sales of the series were low enough that FUNi didn't even bother licensing the third semester OVAs.

    Also, people need to realize that some stories just end. If Kobayashi-san feels that it's over, then he has every right to let it be. No amount of pleading will be enough to convince him to continue a story that he believes is well and truly completed. As for the open-ended conclusion, that's just the way some stories are supposed to end; the author chooses to leave the ending up to the reader's own imagination and allows them to draw their own conclusions. It's like the literary classic "The Lady, or the Tiger". There is no "canon" ending; it ends exactly how you wish it to.

    I understand that you're a fan of the show and manga and you're sad to see it end. But sometimes, that's just how it is, I'm afraid. And no amount of pleading to the author is going to change that. Please respect Kobayashi-san's wishes and let his story rest in peace.

    As per forum rules, I'll be locking this topic up.

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