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  • I ordered hyperdimension neptunium the anime a few days ago. Everything went smooth. Item was shipped and I got my tracking number. The next day I checked my bank account and noticed the money I used to purchase the item was debited/refunded back to my account even though I did not ask for a refund. I know I have the money to place the order as well. So I'm wondering if have re order it from the funination store or is it still shipping to my address or is there something missing here? I still have the tracking number but nothing's changed since.

  • Send in a ticket to and the tech team will help you out as soon as they are able.


    When you purchase a pre-order from the FUNimation Shop, your card will be pre-authorized, which means that it will appear as if you have been charged for the title. The pre-authorization should drop off of your card a few days after you have sent in your pre-order. The timing of this depends on your financial institution. The full purchase amount of the pre-order will not actually be processed and charged to your card until your pre-order has been shipped.

  • @TIL Nobu Ah you're right I just checked not to long ago. Thx for letting me know guys!

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