Blu-ray copy and ova.

  • So I got my blu-ray copy today, first thing I watched was the OVA. I gotta say two things.

    First: after having played rebirth 2 recently and having the conquest ending fresh in my mind, those first few minutes had me thinking it was going to be the ending in anime form. I probably would've man-cried if I had to go through that again.

    Second: that was a really satisfactory ending to the series. I mean yea I wouldn't complain if there was a season two, not that I believe there would be, but as it stands, the OVA did not disappoint, except for a lack of candidates. But hey we got a double dose of the CPUs.

    10/10 would watch again (and most likely will).

    I'm curious if others got their copy before the official release date though.

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